Guest Post via @TR_BO: Space &Time

Teachers, administrators and students alike need space and time to explore new concepts and experiment with new ways of doing things. In Dublin Unified, the format for this years EdTech Coaches monthly meetings are interactive playgrounds-opportunities to try new technologies and concepts, and see other schools within the district. Now most teachers do not like […]

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Guest Post via @TR_BO: The Power Of Partnerships: Part Two

In my previous post on this topic, I talked about the partnership between Dublin Unified’s Technology Services department & Maintenance and Operation. Partnerships across service providers is very common. I want to share a partnership across three different entities (public, private, non-profit): Dublin Unified Technology Services, Integrity in Action and EWaste Direct who understands the importance of […]

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Guest Post via @tr_bo: BYOD by Design

Traci Bonde has 17+ years as an educational technology administration.  Her passionis vision/systems to access information for students in poverty.  She loves motorcycles, family, politics, and hiking.  Connect with her on Twitter at @tr_bo. Creating a school culture and a district perspective on BYOD requires a slow thoughtful approach with all stakeholders.  A year ago when I […]

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