Guest Post via @mikepouraryan: “On the Prowl”

I wanted to begin my first contribution to this community with a snapshot of the key technologies that are defining the future for us as we speak as the Fourth Industrial Revolution is before us. I view our challenge as educators to make sure that we create the right engaging atmosphere for the future generations. […]

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Guest Post via @clarksroom: Equity or Equality

I have been a part of multiple conversations [chats/tweets/Voxer groups] over the last few weeks discussing fair versus equitable versus equal…I have to admit at this point even I am confused as the words are so closely related. I know treating students 100% the same 100% of the time in 100% of the situations is not […]

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Guest Post via @briteeyes49: I Am a Teacher And You Want to Arm Me?

I will NEVER carry a weapon, concealed or otherwise, in my classroom. I will NEVER keep it locked in a safe. I say this with the utmost certainty. There is a huge debate going on about whether teachers should be armed in order to protect their students. We would even get bonuses! As usual, teachers’ voices are […]

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Guest Post via @zfwright: Complexion Doesn’t Equal Sameness

When thinking about diversifying the canon and providing our students with a larger selection of texts that reflect a more holistic approach to studying racial identity, there is a common pitfall to avoid. Very often, when educators, particularly White educators,  attempt to select texts that will have more resonance with their Black or Brown students, […]

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Guest Post via @clarksroom: Transitions

I guess you could say I have been lazy. I would like to think that I have a valid excuse for not blogging or podcasting for more than a month. I [and my family] have been in a season of transition. In the last three months, we have seen more transition in our family than […]

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Guest Post via @ClarksRoom: Reservoir or River

Two books have impacted my journey as an education more so than all the books I have read as they were the backbone of my philosophy of being an administrator. When I became a Vice Principal almost 5 years ago, I received copies of How Full is Your Bucket? By Tom Rath [@TomCRath]  and What Great Principals Do […]

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Guest Post via @clarksroom: Can You Hear Me Now…Be a 1-percenter

Within the last year, Sprint has had commercials on with the old, “can you hear me now,” Verizon guy saying he has switched to Sprint because they are within 1% of reliability and like half the cost. ***Note – I recently switched from Sprint to Verizon. This post is in no way saying you should switch! […]

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