Guest Post via @ReadersLeadPD: The Fever Called #FlipGrid

via Catherine Barrett (@ReadersLeadPD) “When a principal sneezes, the whole school catches a cold.” –Todd Whitaker Teachers have a high-temperature fever this summer, 2017. Nothing is deceiving about the fever. The condition of high-temperature fever: #FlipGridFever, possibly leading toward a sneeze, developing into a cold. Summertime: the calendar time teachers earn re-certification credentials and fine […]

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Guest Post via @BriteEyes49: “The Marble Run Challenge!”- STEMazing!

Sometimes you get tired of the “new” thing in education. Well, I was tired of hearing, reading, and/or discussing “STEM” or “STEAM”, whichever you prefer. I really didn’t understand what the big deal was until we participated in Jen Wagner’s “Marble Run Challenge.” Now don’t get me wrong, my kids code, we integrate tech, etc, […]

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Guest Post via @SwinehartJulie: Three Do’s and Don’ts of Implementing Readers Workshop

I’m just wrapping up my eighteenth year of teaching English Language Arts. For the first seventeen, I taught in a pretty predictable, traditional manner: assign a book, a reading schedule, give quizzes, poster projects, assign essays, administer exams, and show the movie. This year was so different. In September, I started the workshop model in […]

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