Guest Post via @BriteEyes49: The Joy of Being a Facilitator!

My 4th graders are working on TEDxTalks.

Yep, they are creating TEDxTalks.

I posted this assignment in the “ALL DONE” folder on our Schoology page, and they all gravitated towards it like moths to a light.

I posted a few TEDx Talks by kids, asked them to watch at least one, choose a topic, and then create their own.

It has been amazing watching them work.

I have watched them create speeches.

Edit speeches.

Add images.

Add video.




Add speeches to the teleprompter.


Did I say collaborate?

Take this thing seriously, “working on it at home”, seriously.

Come to me for a little help and apply what they take away from me.

Go back and work some more on topics like: “Why We Should Have Music Programs in School.”, and “Youth Tackle Football is Dangerous.”

“Mrs.Mims, can we work on our TEDxTalk during… ?” I willingly give whatever time they can squeeze in after testing.

At one point, I suggested to one group that they create a survey, using Google forms, so they could see how others feel about their topic

I showed them how to set it up and moved out the way.

They created the questions.

Used the “Go to this section”(with a little facilitating from me.)

Everyone has a survey now.:)

(Shout out to my colleagues and Twitter PLN!)

Can anyone say Common Core Standards? Oh yeah, they are being met!!

They will practice using the Swivl I won during Teacher Appreciation Week2016,(Shout out to Recap!)

I have to let them present on stage before school ends. Can’t wait to see the finished product. The journey in itself has been great.

I am excited! They are excited! They are learning! And I? I am just the facilitator.:)

Original post on “Diary of a Public School Teacher!


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