Guest Post via @wmjackson: Welcome To My Quest To Teach

Welcome to my Blogging with #EduMatch at

william jackson

This site I will post content ranging on many diverse areas addressing
educational issued that affect children, teens, young adults and even
parents.  My goal is to provide content that engages, encourages,
educates and inspires learning and collaboration.

I’m an educator with Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville,
Florida teaching at Venetia Elementary School; serving as the
Physical Education teacher and School Technology Contact.
2015 – 2016 Teacher of the Year at Venetia Elementary

My Bachelors earned from South Carolina State University
in Education and Masters earned from Webster University
in Educational Technology.

My Masters has allowed me to teach Educational Technology,
Social Media and STEAM/STEM educational initiates at
Edward Waters College (HBCU) and provide a platform to blog
nationally and internationally.


My motto is: My Quest To Teach

I hope that I provide valuable content that you can
share with other educators and even parents.

My contact information as an educator, blogger,
speaker and community activist is:


William Jackson, M.Ed.
Twitter: @wmjackson


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