Guest post via @wmjackson: #STEAM and Educational Growth in Children

STEAM and Educational Growth in Children
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Father, Educator, Blogger, Speaker
Social Media Visionary

There are many educational initiatives that have been developed
to encourage educational and career growth in children. The
advancements of technology and the integration of STEAM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) and other
diverse components: STEM, STREAM, CSTEAM and STEM2
are growing in influence to prepare students for careers that
have not been created yet.
Speaking to youth involved in STEM programs it is very important
that the educational initiatives of STEAM, STEM, STREAM
CSTEAM and even STEM2 are vital to prepare youth for current
and future careers.
The involvement of STEAM Scan be seen in the development of projects that show
the significance of hands-on learning that is interactive and
educationally engaging. Instruction in schools can no longer be
teacher centered in its objectives, there needs to be a transition to
student centered learning in today’s schools even in higher education.
STEAM/STEM integration allows for students to be the center of
attention in learning, the teacher sets the parameters and objectives to
accomplish tasks that are fashioned to teach diverse areas of learning.
The students understand that learning is transformative because they
learn the connections from Science Technology Engineering Arts and
Mathematics. When incorporating the “R” for Reading and the C for
computers, the aspects of reading and comprehension are incorporated.

The diversity of student learning is made fun, interactive, engaging and
applies to real world experiences in careers. In STEM2 this integrates
Medical aspects and CTEAM incorporates Computer initiatives.

The promotion of critical and higher order thinking skills are important
where data shows that students can lose up to 40% of learning during
nonacademic breaks. So STEAM camps, after school programs and
even online learning are important to keep learning active and challenge
conventional teaching and even traditional learning.

As a higher education instructor at an HBCU – Edward Waters College
in the Education and Urban Studies program I incorporate CSTREAM,
Educational Technology and Social Media to prepare my students for
their educational and business careers. Diversity in learning is important
because careers are diverse in skill application and who students will be
collaboratively and cooperatively working with. Parental involvement is
critical to motivate students in learning areas that are new and transformative
in thinking and learning.

Parents must understand the future implications in employment, higher
education, access to resources that encourage community engagement
and a higher level of interaction and educational attainment for students.

21st century learning has changed the direction of learning and continues
to change because of the influences of technology careers and global
commerce and scientific discovery. Steam instruction and other educational
initiatives are the foundation that allow this nation to continue to be the
foundation of global leadership, research and development.

Programs like the diverse STEAM educational initiatives need to be
supported in the community, after school programs, workshops, conferences
and even in the online environment. Children, youth, teens and young adults
should have exposure and understand the importance of keeping up with
these areas. HBCU’s can play a vital role in opening their doors and allowing
their community to share resources and even materials. Technology should
be available for all students no matter their location, social-economic status
or educational levels.


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