Guest Post via @wmjackson: America Needs Black Superheroes

Group SuperHeros
America Needs Black Superheroes

The Age of Superheroes is upon us; the names are iconic
along with their feats of strength, intelligence, marvelous
abilities that bring awe and astonishment to our eyes.
Heroes make our hearts swell with pride and our minds
expand to possibilities unimaginable of saving lives
and liberties.

Superheroes give us hope, allow us to dream and motivation
to see that there are people who care about our world. Even
when there is danger that seems unbeatable the thoughts and
minds enable the voices to cry out for our heroes to save the
day. Even if they are far away, tucked into our imaginations,
they give us the strength to act, to jump into the fray and
make a difference.

The centuries are glazed with these iconic men, women,
teens and even children that take the heavy burdens of being
hated and being ostracized to put themselves and even their
families in harm’s way to prevent tragedy in the world that
sometimes even hates them and what they represent.

The world is not always a friendly nor a safe place; around
corners, across bridges, in communities lurks unseen and
unheard of dangers. The hope is there will be heroes to
save our families and us.

pict 3

Marvel Comics is releasing new movies with heroes that
are iconic in their historical larger than life feats of heroic
successes. There are more that do not get the publicity or
the notoriety; they are just as important on many levels.
Historically, culturally, psychologically and even spiritually.
These Black Superheroes are derived from the folklore of
American  Ex-slaves. They represent a culture, people that
are just as important to the history and the magnificence
of America as other cultures.

America Needs Black Superheroes

2015-04-04 14.21.13
The Black Superheroes are works of love, respect
and  honoring those that had influence during a dark
period of American history.
They are just as important and dare say more so for
a people that  were enslaved during the horrific
seasons of slavery in American history.
This work “Black Superheroes” was derived from
the Library of Congress American Ex-slaves archives
gathered by the Federal Writer’s Project  during
the 1930’s, and Palmetto Country by Stetson Kennedy.

As the New Year of 2016 gets closer celebrate and
share the feats of  greatness with children, teens,
and young adults. Thank those that are your seniors
and elders for being superheroes through generations
of  slavery,  segregation, civil rights struggles and
the tumultuous years of  Jim Crow laws, violence and
even deaths icy touch that has taken away children,
teens, young adults and adults working to make this
world a better place for Black and all people of color
and culture.

They are true heroes because they paved the way
for us to be educated, employed and live in a country
that has an American dream. It is not perfect, but
where would you want to live elsewhere?

Astronauts Past and Future – do you know who
they are??

The world is a dangerous place, but America
still embraces peace, diversity and a culture of
tolerance. The spirit of this nation is one based
on opportunity, hard work and the depth of the
spirit of its individuals that are this nation.
Celebrate the sacrifices of Black Superheroes by
reading their comic book;

Introducing the Black Superheroes comic book
presents and commemorates folklore pictures of
10 black superheroes.

Order and share:


Tangela Floyd, Director
Young Minds Building Success Charities

Black Superhero3

References to History by Reader Theater

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Black Superheroes

Performances can be seen on YouTube:


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