Guest Post via @ndnred: Wonderings

As I sat in my Instructional Coaches’ meeting yesterday #icccs, I wondered if I had been effective in creating a safe and innovative learning environment for the teachers I work with.  I am currently reading The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros and it has left me wondering as well.  I wonder if I’ve created and nurtured relationships with teachers that allows them to want to learn, lead and innovate.  I wonder if I have the characteristics of an innovator’s mindset. Only time will tell.

I was the recipient of a Communities in Schools CIS grant this week.  With the focus on having an innovator’s mindset, my intent for this grant is to purchase digital resources for use in the classroom.  Two specific resources are the #sphero and #breakoutEDU.  I wonder if these resources will empower learning, unleash talent and develop a culture of creativity.

All these wonderings…

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