Guest Post via @teacherpants_01: That Class Down the Hall

Some schools have one.

Others may not.

You know the one…that class down the hall.

People say that something’s always going on in there

Good or bad.

It’s the class that gets talked about, mocked, dissed and dismissed.

Is it your class perhaps?

Maybe it’s mine.

Did you know that in that class down the hall there are some students with some lofty goals, aspirations, visions, and dreams?

In that class down the hall, there are some artists, singers, dancers, and future STEM engineers?

There’s a few future parents, factory workers, college grads…maybe even a teacher or two (I hope)

In that class down the hall, there are Big brothers who run to pick up little brothers at dismissal time, and Big sisters who have the responsibility of grabbing little sisters and making it to the bus on time.

I’m sure if classroom rosters could change, they often would:  teachers choosing their students as if it were a draft.

But I’ve never really heard of such a thing…

Of course, school leaders try their best to balance out a class, and things go well until…a school closes, families move in, students are kicked out of one school and need another place to rest their bookbag, and as a result, classroom dynamics can…change

But I digress

Let’s get back to that class down the hall for a few more minutes

There’s a teacher in that class down the hall who thinks their class is lovable and worthy of being loved on…

Do you know a class like that?

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