Guest Post via @wmjackson: EdCamp St. Augustine – What An Adventure in Learning


EdCamp St. Augustine: What An Adventure in Learning
by Elisha Taylor and William Jackson
Jacksonville, Florida

Welcome from William and Elisha

The exposure to diverse technologies, the collaboration with educators with years of experience is important for new educators and pre-service educators choosing a career in education. Diversity builds strength and the understanding that education
requires diverse people to educate a growing student population in schools and strengthen the literacy skills of communities. Schools are a microcosm of their communities, those that are struggling, in need of community services and
other intervention requirements show that extra care is needed to meet the needs of students and in some cases families.

Communities that are flourishing and vibrant have schools in many cases that are successes and energetic not just in schools, but this vitality spills over to the community. EdCamp provides a casual format for those in education from teachers, administrators, support staff and even students to come together and share in open discussions about how to improve the educational culture and atmosphere of schools. EdCamps are valuable for teachers because they can network freely, talk passionately and praise each other’s successes with pride and offer realistic strategies to help educational peers improve classroom instruction. Instruction that is balancing teacher centered and student centered instruction. EdCamp: what better platform for pre-service educators still in undergraduate programs to learn than on a weekend with free breakfast, free lunch, high energy, diverse experiences and seasoned professionals that have wisdom, knowledge and PLCs/PLNs that work? EdCamp is not influenced by political affiliations, special interests groups, lobbyists or the infection of governmental policies. This blog is written by Elisha Taylor, an 8th-grade student and William Jackson a public school educator and professor with Edward Waters College teaching in the Education and Urban Studies Dept. He has attended and spoken at other EdCamp venues in Florida. The exchange of ideas, resources and developing technologies that strengthen the engagement of student-led instruction and hands-on learning are highlights.

Florida educators, some of the best in the
nation…. EdCamp veterans

Because of the successes for teachers, students more and more are attending and participating in EdCamp sessions. Students
can enjoy the engagement not just with teachers, but with their peers and spark the interest to seek careers in education. The educational model is changing so the faces of education must change to meet the needs of the students that are walking through the doors. Classrooms are global environments of international mystery and sometimes language complexity. Elisha has stated that “I believe that there should be student led EdCampd so that many students around the state and the country can share new ideas and thoughts, opinions on education that influences our learning and use the best technology that we can apply in our every day lives.

Give students the tech and see them fly

Elisha provides take away for his EdCampStAug experience as he has done for EdCampMagic and WordCamps he has attended.
1. The importance of coding and technology integration is important and there should be certified teachers teaching.
2. Every child should learn some kind of coding because it is the language of the future.
3. Code should be taught at a young age to build an eye for detail and build patience.
4. Coding is everywhere and should be respected and recognized.
5. Students should learn or be exposed to as many programming languages as they can and how to apply to real life experiences
not just because they have to.
6. In school, coding can count as a core class because of its effect on society and importance in starting jobs and careers.

Elisha had the honor of speaking and attending EdCamp Magic, TEDxFSCJ, and blogs with Professor William Jackson about
STEM, STEAM, Robotics and other areas. Elisha aspires to attend MIT to be part of the growing climate of technology integration and innovation in the country and the world.

Experienced and seasoned educators sharing
Tammy G. Neil – @TG_Neil
Google Certified Trainer, #FLedChat #RuralEdChat

If teachers do not prepare students to sit at the tables of business, commerce, finance, and education then students will be left behind and out of the decision-making process of building communities and prosperity for its citizens. I teach these lessons to my higher education students for them to understand that they do value as future educators and the educational system is still one of the best in the world.
Teacher discussion and demonstration is important to learning.


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