Guest Post via @clarksroom: You need to Reach your Stakeholders how they Access Information

I am working on a session for Lead 3.0 on using social media and automation to tell the story of schools. It is interesting how much negativity and bad things are in the media spotlight when it comes to education. One would think that nothing of value is happening at all in schools.

This is just not true. I think the reality is a lot of amazing things are happening every day in every school in America, we just do not hear about it. It is not the media’s fault we do not hear about all this good stuff.

It is the school’s [leaders] fault.

Some school leaders do not know how to get good news out to people because it is not something see as their job. I would say it is exactly the job of a leader to shout the praises of all the good things going on. If not them, then who?

So, I think we as educational leaders can leverage social media and automation to really maximize our time and reach. I found these stats on social media while doing research for my session [Information from Kendall Walters [Hootsuite] November 2016]:


  • 1.65 billion active users [1.51B on mobile]
  • Used by 64% of Americans 12+
  • Used by 83% of parents with teens


  • 310 million active users [257M on mobile]
  • 6000 every second


  • 400 million active users
  • 3.5 billion “likes” a day


  • 1 billion active users [500M on mobile]
  • 4 billion views daily
  • Reaches more 18 to 49-year-olds than any cable network

If educational leaders are NOT using social media, then, in all honesty, they do not want to fully engage their communities.

You can find the session: Tell Your Story Before Someone Else Does – Leveraging & Automating Social Media to Tell Your Story at as well as all of my other training sessions.


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