Guest Post via @ReadersLeadPD: The Fever Called #FlipGrid

via Catherine Barrett (@ReadersLeadPD)


“When a principal sneezes, the whole school catches a cold.ā€ –Todd Whitaker

Teachers have a high-temperature fever this summer, 2017. Nothing is deceiving about the fever. The condition of high-temperature fever: #FlipGridFever, possibly leading toward a sneeze, developing into a cold.

Summertime: the calendar time teachers earn re-certification credentials and fine tune professional development needs. Teachers maintain the goal of honing best practices to be more successful with all students and parents, and to prepare for evaluations/observations. Administrators have the same goal: to be more successful with students, teachers, and parents. For the two teams to meet goals effectively, teachers are proactively sharing symptoms.

Diagnose your high temperature by locating a Flip Grid ambassador. Your concierge physician, aka Flip Grid Ambassador, will share techniques 24/7. The urgent care professional development tools include a promo code unlocking free resources for your use. I am proud to share Flip Grid Ambassador, @RLMann4.

Your principal will be sneezing; you’ll catch a fever and…

“Changing a culture starts with climate” – Todd Whitaker


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