Guest post via @BcCotter: ISTE2017 Flipped IT!

If you’re not a social media guru or even passively into social media, your feed may have very well been bombarded with everything #ISTE2017 and #NOTATISTE. One of this year’s top notch conference of conferences was certainly the talk of Twitter and many other social media outlets, all because it was, what I consider as an educator,  to be a true reflection of FLIPPED LEARNING. Connected educators felt that unification and powerful comradery by their shared tweets, reposts, blogs and yes, live broadcast.  If you were NOTATISTE you certainly felt like you were, (minus the exhausting attempts to cover the grounds at this year’s San Antonio venue), all because social media was truly embraced wholeheartedly this year by ISTE. This made a noticeable difference from many conferences hosted in previous years. When you have educators acquainting you with a “live”  broadcast via the Almighty @PeriscopeTV, you know you really aren’t missing out on learning and connecting. Periscopers from the fantastic @passthescopeedu group of diligent Educators (Yes, we use summer to share professional learning with many and still find time to sip on our cocktails 😊) made the experience a learning, fun filled, collaboratively connected one.  If you ever had second thoughts on being an actual attendee to ISTE, thanks to the many social media connoisseurs novice alike, Periscopers, and the green light of embracing these from ISTE, should have you considering or at least adding it to your Edu Bucket List. It was, “flipping” great (edu pun intended). The power of collaboration was impacted by what we as educators want most for all learners across the education hierarchy-EMBRACE of social media in Education. You know they are taking this whole social media and learning to a whole new level when your connection, be it directly or vicariously, almost doubles because of this phenomenal marriage (work in progress) that has come about. I say kudos to ISTE for making this year’s experience an Individualized, Personalized and a Flipped one, all because of this embrace.  To all the amazing educators who certainly went out of their way to sharing ISTE with those who weren’t able to attend in person (the NOTATISTERS), you ALL made this info absorption, connection and collaboration of unforgettable diversified learning, one that many other conferences should emulate. I’m totally FLIPPED for ISTE2017, because I was #Notatiste17.

Barbara Cotter



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