Guest Post via @ndnred: New School Year

I am in my same role this year as an instructional coach and I couldn’t be more excited!!!  During the summer I had the opportunity to present CCS Tech Camp featuring #hyperdocs, #symbaloo and #blogging!  I enjoyed helping other educators learn how to use digital resources in their classrooms.  I also did my first Ignite Talk about Twitter at the tech camp.  It was the most nervous five minutes of my entire life!!!

I also fell in love with Flipgrid!!!  So much so that I became a Flipgrid Ambassador and Certified Educator.  I introduced this digital resource to a 5th grade class in the spring and they were very engaged and created their own Flipgrid accounts.  At the beginning of the year, I created a Flipgrid for our staff.  I shared an article with them about marigolds and walnut trees (Marigold Article).  The Flipgrid asked them to respond to their article.  My goal was to get 100% response rate and I’m still working on that.  One of my 2nd grade teachers really embraced Flipgrid and used it with her students to respond to a story they read in class.  She invited me to help her with the lesson and I was amazed at how the students responded to this activity using Flipgrid.  I consider this a success!!  If I can get one teacher excited about getting out of her comfort zone to help students realize their potential, then I’ve had a wonderful start to the year!!

Stay tuned!!

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