Guest Post via @ndnred: Personalized and Digital Learning

I am very excited about how this school year has progressed! Teachers and students are excited about being in school.  I see a lot of teaching and learning taking place for both teachers and students.  What I mean by this is that teachers are getting out of their comfort zones regarding personalized and digital learning.  Last year I began the year by sharing some digital learning tools with teachers and many of them used them for instructional planning.  This was a great first step.  The ultimate goal is to use digital learning tools as an enhancement (not an extra) in classroom instruction.  This is what I’m beginning to see this year!!  One digital tool in particular is Flipgrid.  Flipgrid is a digital tool that teachers and students can use to record their thoughts, answers, reflections, etc.  It has really sparked some interest in some of my teachers and they are using it daily and weekly!!

Here are some examples!!  Please enjoy!!



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