Guest Post via @ndnred: Professional Growth

As I go into a new month, I am still excited about my role as an instructional coach.  In September, I was selected to participate in the North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaching Network (#NCDLCN) sponsored by Friday Institute.  As a member of the 2017-18 NCDLCN cohort, I have the opportunity to grow as a professional and share with my colleagues at Lake Rim Elementary.  The areas of focus are leadership and culture, effective coaching and advocacy, instructional improvement and being a connected educator.  All these areas are critical for instructional coaches to be effective leaders.

I am still working with teachers to create personalized and digital learning opportunities for students.  Recently, I modeled for a few kindergarten teachers how to create a #flipgrid for retelling which is a critical skill for kinders.  The students were amazed to see and hear themselves talk.  Take a look at the FlipGrid.  I shared the #flipgrid with the rest of the staff and several teachers commented: “if kindergartners can do this, my students can too.”  This is why I love my job!!!

#chartinganewcourse #icccs #ccsleads #LRES #ncdlcn #flipgrid



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