Special Episode ft. Eagle Eyes OFOA


Recorded on March 31, 2018

EagleEyes is a mouse replacement system for the computer that helps children and adults with profound disabilities interact and learn by using a computer.  These individuals are most often non-verbal, paralyzed, and at most have a YES/NO method of communicating or are completely locked-in. There are hundreds of  EagleEyes systems distributed in the USA and Canada, in schools, non-profit organizations and individuals homes.

EagleEyes was developed at Boston College by Computer Science Professor Jim Gips in 1994. In 2005, The Opportunity Foundation of America began a partnership with the Boston College EagleEyes Project and signed a formal license agreement to manufacture, distribute and provide training for the technology. The Opportunity Foundation of America was chosen by Boston College because of our commitment to distributing this technology as a non-profit organization. We strive to keep the cost of the EagleEyes technology to a minimum for those in need.

Resources Mentioned:

Music: Ron Madison (@Madison_Ron)

Producer: Sarah Thomas (@Sarahdateechur)

Subscribe: podcasts.edumatch.org/edumatchpodcast

Join the movement: www.edumatch.org


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