Guest Post via @wmjackson: Higher Education Students – Build Your Brand and Build Your Impressions

Higher Education Students – Build Your Brand and Build Your Impressions
by William Jackson, My Quest To Teach #MyQuestToTeach #MQTT

Before higher education students can start their careers, the reality is they cannot wait until graduation week or even after graduation to build a brand or create favorable impressions. The process of building a brand must be started years earlier.

That can mean when a child in elementary school is provided a phone, tablet, gaming system, watch, or even a toaster (just kidding), once content is posted, there is an impression of that content by people.

The Internet is a vast reservoir of information. The ability to tap into and communicate on a global scale comes with being responsible. Many students in higher education still are not mature enough to manage not just their social media content, as other personal things can influence their behaviors. Young adults in higher education are influenced by peers, the media, families, personal interests, hormones, and passions. What goes on the Internet does not stay on the Internet; it is viewed, watched, read, consumed, even downloaded and screen captured. A person’s whole life, literally, is being posted
from birth to death on platforms that are endless in digital memory.

A timeline of events can be created as the infant develops into a toddler, the toddler develops into a youth, and during the continuous growth and development of life. There are now ways to track and chart growing life cycles of people. Children must be taught to manage their brands because their brand represents them, just as in the “Old School” way of thinking your “name” was valuable because it represented your word.
In the digital age, your digital content represents your brand, and that is who you are identified as.

Brands can be keys to open doors and allow connections with like-minded people.
Teaching higher education students the value and visibility of a brand is not a complex issue. It does take the ability to “see” how a person’s brand influences others and makes an impression that can last a lifetime.

The summer months prove challenging because of the amount of relaxation and vacation time. Students may be more prone to post something inappropriate because they are in relaxed modes of comfort and not thinking about the impressions a photo or
a video will have. Being diligent can save a student from embarrassing photos and videos that may have future consequences.

Social Media is a tool that can either be used for good or used for bad. Proper decisions should be made to determine how and when content will be posted and where. A brand should be treated with care, respect, and safeguards. A brand is your word that identifies you and your potential direction in life.

Higher Education Students – Build Your Brand Build Your Impressions
Manage your Brand and manage the content that you post associated with it, and who you are associated with. It could mean the difference between employment and unemployment.
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