Quotations in Education


Recorded on December 16, 2018



Rachelle Dene Poth (@RDene915)

Rachelle is a Foreign Language and STEAM Teacher and teacher blogger for Getting Smart and Kidblog.



Rodney Turner (@TechyTurner)

Rodney is a virtual educator located in New Jersey. He loves networking and sharing his experiences.


Paul O’Neill (@pauloneill1972)

Paul O’Neill is an educational game changer from the state of New Jersey.  His hashtag #pln365 provides professionals with a place for daily reflection and renewal.


Martine Brown (@mmbrown_brown)

Martine Brown is an instructional coach in a K-12 district. Her mission is to be an agent of change in education.


Dennis Griffin Jr (@D4Griffin3)

🙏🏾Blessed #ServantLeader walking in my #purpose as an advocate for change in the 🌍 through #education. #FamilyFirst #EduGladiators #TweetsThatLead


Amy Storer (@techamys)

Proud Aunt•Instructional Coach•Technology Integration Mentor•Connected Educator•Proud Ambassador•MIE•Learner For Life•Presenter #4OCFPLN


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Producer: Sarah Thomas (@Sarahdateechur)


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