Rewind: How to Just Say No

Recorded on June 14, 2015


Tara Linney (@TaraLinney)
Tara Linney is the author of the book Achieving Gender Equity in Teaching Computer Programming. She is highly experienced on integrating coding into the curriculum, and empowering girls in the learning of coding.

Tammy Neil (@TG_Neil)
Google Certified Trainer, AP-CSP, #FLedChat #RuralEdChat #edusnap16 #recipes4ed

Leslie Fagin (@MsFagin)
Leslie is an instructional technology coach for a suburban school district in Georgia. She is also a foster mother,  community volunteer, avid reader, and world traveler.

Derek Larson (@lars3eb)
Husband, Father, Teacher Librarian, Digital Learning Coach, learner, tech addict, pen addict, and friend. Sometimes the best tech is analog.

Anne Manalo-Hussein (@EducatorAnne)
Teacher, Believer in the POWER of Education, Tweets are my own and not the groups I represent

Miracule Gavor (@MiraculeDG)
#LearningSpecialist #MathematicsEducator #GSET #EducationAdviser #CurriculumDeveloper #Edumatcher #SixSigmaGreenBelt #EducationReform

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Music: Ron Madison (@Madison_Ron)

Producer: Sarah Thomas (@Sarahdateechur)


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