Guest Post via @wmjackson: “You Know You’re an Introvert/Extrovert Blogger When….”

“You Know You’re an Introvert/Extrovert Blogger When….”

Did you know there are introvert and extrovert bloggers?
Reading “What Is Your Blogging Personality” by Rabia Lieber
helped to inspire my blog:
“You Know You’re an Introvert/Extrovert Blogger When….”
It is beneficial to understand your writing style
to increase your potential to create content that
connects people. Social Media is a “social” activity
that incorporates the diversity of “media” to share
content on diverse platforms.

If your excited by the direct connections, fellowship
and comradeship of Social Media you are probably a
candidate for being an extrovert blogger.
Your blogging gives you energy and excitement to
finding connections beyond your current circles of
interaction. You seek to increase your friends,
likes and hits, and you look forward to feedback.

The other extreme is where your writing gives you
peace and comfort. Your happy with the current
friends and followers and not extending yourself to
much to increase a Social Media following. Your
writing is personal, you are probably an introvert.

Each of our personalities helps to dictate our
place as a blogger/content creator. Our relationships
and future collaborations and associations are dictated
by our personalities and in some cases many of us
are a combination of intro/extroverts.

“You Know You’re an Introvert/Extrovert Blogger When….”
1. You have constant thoughts of ideas to blog about
running through your mind all day.
2. You dream of blogging subjects and wake up wanting
to write your ideas down.
3. You carry a notebook filled with blogging tips
and tricks either original ideas or borrowed from other
4. Your Smartphone and tablet have links to blogging
resources that are greater than your phone contacts.
5.The people you follow online are content creators
of all types and feel like family.

6. You know when workshops, seminars, conferences
and meetups are in your community, city and state.
7. You get angry when you miss a conference, workshop,
and seminar because you cannot get off of work.
8. Your car, computer, tablet, phone and other items
that have a flat smooth service are covered with stickers
from Blogging and Social Media events.
9. You have so many domain names your name pops up on
a Google search like a corporation.
10. Your summer and holidays are planned around meetups,
conferences, workshops and seminars.

11. Your phone and tablet have links to Podcasts that
are over 6 months old, but you swear you are going to
listen to them.
12.You jump up out of bed because you thought you forgot
a webinar or meetup was that night.
13. Your Google calendar is almost full each month with
STUFF to do online or places to go.
14. You make excuses why you can’t go to family functions
because of the online stuff your involved in.
15. You wish they invented a external hard drive for your
Smartphone or tablet with all the Social Media content
you created, pictures you have taken and video content….
Oh wait they do, it is the cloud..

16.You have multiple domains that point to your main
17.When writing your blog you use a thesaurus to bring a
diverse meaning and perspective to your content.
18. You use CMS – Content Management Software to manage
your broadcasts for your content.
19. You get excited as your followers grow on your Social
Media platforms and want to invite them all to parties.
20. Your get giddy when you receive comments, likes and
other feedback from your postings.

21 You get excited when someone is critical of your blog
when someone disagrees with you or challenge your blog.
22. The word dissertation comes to mind when you write
about something you are passionate about.
23. Your Social Media platforms have to have that right
picture that defines your Brand and Marketability.
24. Your ears sharpen when you listen to people talking
about Social Media and you want to jump in when they
state incorrect information.
25. When you attend a conference you wear your lucky
clothes that show your SWAG and how much of a Social
Media BEAST you are.

EWC Social Media
26. The Helpdesk that hosts your site knows you by name
because you send them birthday, anniversary and other
special occasion cards for them and their family.
27. Just for fun you memorized the IP address of your 10
favorite web sites.
28. You have been investigated twice by law enforcement
just because……………..
29.Your Google calendar is full with events for the next
two years.
30.The International Space Station can follow your heat
signature from your digital devices.
Social Media Message for Parents
by William Jackson at Westside Church of Christ
Social Media Presentation to youth and teens at
The Bridge of Northeast Florida


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