Guest Post via @wmjackson: Fatherhood from the First Day of School

Fatherhood from the First Day of School
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Educator of 27 years, Teacher of the Year,
Instructor with Edward Waters College.
Parent of 2 college students


Each school year is an opportunity to begin
anew. To start off on a great foundation of
learning and discovery. It is also another
opportunity to encourage fathers, grandfathers,
uncles, stepfathers and surrogate fathers to
mentor and volunteer in schools. To be involved
in making their children’s lives a better opportunity
to grow.

Nationally through the Million Father March the
first day of school is important to set the
foundation for a academic year of 180 days
for learning. To improve reading and
develop comprehension. To celebrate the
creatives, the innovators, the intellectuals
and the students that are not athletes nor
are they entertainers. They are the “smart”
kids that sometimes to do not get recognized,
they do not get noticed and sometimes even
picked on and bullied.

In this goal fathers are key to motivating,
encouraging, and making learning exciting and
even protecting and guiding.
No matter the educational level of the father,
data that is national shows how important fathers
are. Dads, stepdads and male figures
do account for success in the classroom and
school environment. Not to mention active
fathers improve communities.


Duval County Public Schools is a national leader
in school reform and parent related events, this
MFM has grown where national attention is on
Duval County Public Schools and the success
of encouraging fathers to be involved and
engaged in schools. Fathers are welcomed
and encouraged to attend PTA meetings,
join School Advisory Councils and even
encouraged to attend school board meetings
contributing in school improvement discussions.

Million Father March shows children are valued
and supported in education. In the 2015 – 2016
school year thousands of fathers, grandfathers,
foster fathers, stepfathers, uncles, cousins,
big brothers, male caregivers, mentors, and
family friends showed their support to
students across the country. Many continued
by volunteering throughout the school year.
Men don’t let a potential background issue
keep you from registering to volunteer for
your child’s educational success. Children need
the support and value that men show for education.

dad and shae

This support was not just on the first day, but
many continued until the last day. It is hoped
this effort continues for years to come, from
kindergarten to graduation, fathers are
encouraged to register as volunteers for
schools, to go on field trips, to eat lunch with
their children, to attend PTA, School Advisory
Council Meetings and School Board Meetings.

Tag yourself through the year in the hashtag
#BackToSchool, #MillionFatherMarch on Twitter,
Facebook and other Social Media platforms to
show your support and involvement in the
schools this year in
your community and in your city.

Everyone wins and everyone benefits when
fathers and concerned men are part of the
educational process for children.



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