#stuvoice Guest Blog via @alibelieves: Day Study Versus Night Study: Which Is Better?


Every student has to study at one point or the another.
But there is this one battle we all have to fight, when making study plans. It is the battle of either reading in the day or at night.
This is one big problem.
Some students end up not studying at all, because they spend all their time planning either to read during the day or at night.
Most even find out the study schedule of their mates in school.
This article hopes to make things clear on this matter. By addressing, the major advantages and disadvantages of both systems.
If however, you are still trying to find the motivation to read; talk-less find a system that works for you, you can check out some reasons to study daily.


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, day is said to be the hours of light between one night and the next. I could say that it is a time span between 6 am and 6 pm.
The majority of activities hold during the day, from work activities to school activities. This simply shows that the day helps all these activities occur smoothly.

Let’s look at the good and bad sides of day study.



This caused by the large number of activities that hold at this period. From music blasting in neighbour’s room to hooting of vehicle horns to a friend visiting.

This leaves little room for concentration during study. This problem can be solved, by reading in quiet places, basically the library.

If you can still keep your concentration in quiet place, you can read up tips on keeping concentration during study.
I hope it helps.


Before study, most students get to make study plans. You could plan to read three, four pages and so on; but something pops up. An emergency call, a friend visits, basically something that needs your attention.

And all your plans are shattered, your plans have to be changed because of the situation at hand.
This leaves your study schedule at the mercy of the day’s activities.
Except you are motivated to fulfill your study plans, you would probably always have to postpone things.



During the day, you tend to be very active. Bustling with energy. Majorly as a result of the sleep or rest from the previous night. The brain is ready to soak up information.
Your eyes are feeling heavy, making it easy for you study unlike during the night.


More often than not, the only time you get to see your study mates is during the day. You get the chance to tell them the difficulties you face in different aspects of a course. This increases your chance of understanding, as someone will most likely understand the part that troubles you.
When someone else also has issues, you could get to teach them; thereby increase your level of understanding.


Most libraries are open during the day.
This gives you access, to the comfort of studying in a quiet environment, access to great books, leading to a better understanding of whatever you are studying.


It is very beneficial to study with the light in the day; except its rainy, the environment is always bright.
This could be made up for with the presence of electricity supply, but this rare in some parts of the world with a poor supply of electricity.
The light gotten from a candle or a kerosene lamp can’t be compared with sunlight.

Day study is preferred by those who love reading in groups and make use of the library a lot.


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, night is said to be the time from dusk to dawn when no sunlight is available. I could define night to be a period between the 6 pm and 6 am.
This is the time when most people sleep and rest for the next day’s activities. Leaving the environment calmer, quieter and more conducive to study.



After getting exhausted with the day’s activities, you tend to rest a night. This is one big disadvantage of studying at night.

When you try to read, it is easy to lose concentration or doze off while studying.
The major way around this is to watch the amount of activities you partake in during the day.


Studying at night reduces visibility, except you are living in a part of the world with constant electricity supply. If the electricity supply is poor, you are left with no choice than to read in poor lighting conditions or other sources of light such as lamps.



The night is calm, cool and free of distractions, unlike the day.
This gives you the opportunity to have an efficient study session. You get to study more comfortably in the night than during the day, without having to visit the library.


Burn the night candle they say, actually but they don’t just say it because they feel like or because it sounds nice,
People burn the night candle, because it is believed that the quality of thinking increases at night.
Many successful CEOs will tell you that they maker use of their night well. Majorly during the late parts of the night between 4am and 6am. If the night could be so resourceful for them, you could as well imagine how it could improve the results from your study session.


At night, you are the boss.
Your reading is plainly influenced by your study interests, not someone else’s interests.

This is your time.

‘You own it’, you have to make good use of it.

You get to study without pressure, leading to better results from the study sessions.
However, don’t fall into the trap of getting carried away.
Take breaks in between study sessions, a 10 minute break after a 50 minute study session will do, a 5 minute break after 25 minutes of study would however be better.


Your study plans at night, are only influenced by your motivation to study.

No external agent disturbs your study except sleep (*smiles).

No emergency meetings, no visitors, no lectures, just you.

Now its left for you, to decide how much you want to study.

This is one big advantage of night study over day study. Unlike the interruptions that come with studying in the day, studying at night is much more smooth.

Night study should be more preferable to those that love to study alone.

In the battle between night and day study, or day and night study as you may put it; no one wins. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, hopefully the article helps make your decision easier.

But someone wins.

You win.
You choose what’s best for you, and use it to its fullest potential.

Congratulations, you win.


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