Guest Post via @ReadersLeadPD: Let’s Go Viral with #BookSnaps

Henry Jenkins describes certain online spaces as “participatory cultures” where the barrier of entry is low and there is strong support for sharing one’s work with others.

This Saturday Phoenix Union High school hosted a College and Career professional development.  Our content specialist provides a menu of best practices.  Participants are invited in throughout district and feeder districts in Phoenix.  All are welcome to share, present, and showcase for the motto, #KidsDeserveIt.

Personalized professional development topics for participants include, “Analyze data,” “Student engagement and grouping,” “Kahoots,” and “White Board’s Science.”  One cutting edge session titled, #BookSnaps included surprise special guest Rebecca Coda.  Mrs. Coda,  co-author of “Escaping the Leadership Dunk Tank” was a first step towards building viral culture of educators towards annotating text passages.  Hands-on learning included demonstrations using Snapchat or Google Draw (hacked for those not wishing to use Snapchat) to empower students and educators, photo edit text passage, and bitmoji/cartoon character to convey instant feedback to readers.  

Design thinking and innovation involve risk takers.  Today we experienced successful educators taking risks, learning new hands-on technology.  Watch out as this culture becomes viral, it’s positively contagious!


Tara Martin @TaraMartin – provides how to videos


Ann Murray, Content Specialist, PUHSD

Cat Barrett, change agent, @ReadersLeadPD


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