Guest Post via @ndnred: Digital Learning Reflections

Last Thursday, we celebrated #NCDLDAY at Lake Rim (follow us on twitter Lake Rim).  My expectations were high because I had spent most of the year sharing and presenting and learning about digital resources with teachers.  This was a district effort and a school effort.  Without trying to pressure teachers, I asked them what they were going to do for Digital Learning Day.  Several of the teachers used PadletKahoot.itMentimeter, and Google Classroom, to name a few.  I still had high expectations but I’m not sure my expectations were the same as the teachers.  Also, during the same week, I had an instructional coaches meeting and the topic was reflection.  As I reflect on last week’s Digital Learning Day and the coaches’ meeting, I realized that the teachers with whom I work are in different places in their use of and implementation of digital learning tools.

As I reviewed “The Continuum of Self-Reflection” (Hall and Simeral, 2010), I remembered that as educators, we all need to self-reflect.  As I continue to grow as an instructional coach, I will continue to self-reflect to see if I am being the servant leader that I need to be.  #icccs #selfreflection #buildingteachercapacity #lrescoach #innovation

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