Guest Post via @wmjackson: Preventing Bullying In School – Preparing Students and Parents

B.O.N.D. Back To School Bash in Partnership with The i.W.A.N.N.A. Project and My Quest To Teach

Organizers and Speakers of BOND
Organizers and Speakers of BOND





Prevent Bullying in Schools –
Empowering Students
and Parents
by William Jackson, Edited by Ale’ta Turner

The issue of bullying is a danger that influences the physical, mental and emotional security that disrupts the culture of learning and inclusiveness
in schools. Bullying, harassment, violence, teasing and other ways to take away the feelings of acceptance disrupt the culture of equality for boys and girls and the stability of a learning culture where everyone can be successful. Bullying destroys
the atmosphere of a classroom, of a school, and even influences the culture of the community where students live.

Bullying takes these away and creates an underlying level of fear, lowering students’ self-esteem and personal well-being. There is bullying, unfortunately, happening in schools and students need to understand they have rights that protect them and parents have rights to information.

Hear the story of bullying….

The vision of The Turners with their son who experienced bullying during the 2017 – 2018 school year was to provide an opportunity with partnerships to teach youth how to prevent bullying and embrace learning. There are unfortunately too many students who feel teachers do not care, administrators who turn a blind eye, and parents who encourage it as a badge of honor.

At the bash, Dr. Christina Williamson of “The i.W.A.N.N.A Project” and William Jackson of “My Quest To Teach” provided an interactive workshop for young men and parents to help provide resources and teach about the laws, documentation and personal growth models to empower the young men attending. To encourage the young men, they were provided lunch boxes, book bags, and other instructional materials to prepare them to have a successful school year. The ABC’s of Advocacy, Bully Prevention, and Community Resources set a foundation to talk to
the parents, ask questions and be engaged in role-playing, hands-on project-based learning, and a Bully Pledge.

Ale’ta and Allan, along with their son who experienced bullying at their past school, did not allow these unfortunate events to keep them down. They turned the situation around to empower, educate, and encourage others. There is more that can be done by parents, continued community partnerships, empathy, and prayer. It will take a village to make the needed changes—if there is not a serious effort that models Ale’ta and Allen, kids will continue to fear to go to the “safe place” that schools should be.

More information can be obtained by contacting:
Past Bullying Blog:
Bullying Will Not Destroy Me
Duval Schools Prevent Bullying Resources:



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