Tweet & Talk: Game-Based Learning

Recorded on September 16, 2018



Matt Farber (@MatthewFarber)

Matthew Farber, Ed.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Technology, Innovation, and Pedagogy program at the University of Northern Colorado. Dr. Farber was most recently a keynote for UNESCO MGIEP in India, and he is the author of the new book Game-Based Learning in Action: How an Expert Affinity Group Teaches with Games.



Amy Heger (@DrAmyHeger)

Hi my name is Dr. Amy Heger and I am a School-Level Strategist and Administrative Coach. I help principals and other building administrators maximize their time and resources while also facilitating an empathetic environment for cultivating and retaining highly qualified teachers.


Stuart Claggett (@stuartclaggett)

Stuart Claggett is the COO/CTO at Dig-iT! Games, a mission based game developer and publisher that with a goal of having a positive impact on education by harnessing the power of game-based learning. He is currently leading the open-source initiative to simplify and standardize how educational games collect meaningful data for developers, educators, and researchers.


Glen Irvin (@IrvSpanish)

Glen Irvin has been in education around 20 years and he currently works as a technology integrationist and instructional coach in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. He is an avid gamer with a passion for gamification, playful learning, and game-based learning. As a teacher, his classroom was a gamified, quest-based, mastery learning environment where students were given the time and opportunity to succeed.  

Check out:

EduMagic by Samantha Fecich

The Fire Within by Mandy Froehlich

The Teacher’s Journey by Brian Costello

Journey to the Y in You by Dene Gainey


Music: Ron Madison (@Madison_Ron)

Producer: Sarah Thomas (@Sarahdateechur)



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