Special Episode: Brian Kulak


Recorded on January 20, 2019


Brian Kulak is entering his 20th year in education. For the first fifteen, he taught English and journalism at his alma mater in New Jersey. Working almost exclusively with seniors, Brian was committed to making connections with his students, so they could make connections with their world. He also served as a new and novice teacher mentor during which time he developed his passion for leadership.

Most recently, he served as Chief Academic Officer for four years before becoming a K-5 principal in 2018. His blog, leveluplead.com, combines shared educational experience with his unique style. Blending self-effacing humor, pop culture, and storytelling, Brian challenges readers to see themselves and their leadership differently. His work has been featured on Edutopia, in Educational Viewpoints, and in Stories in EDU. Brian has also presented on teaching, learning, and leadership at conferences such as NJAMLE and NCTE/CEL.

Brian is a baseball fanatic, a Pearl Jam aficionado, and a devoted family man. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two children.


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