Tweet & Talk: The Power of Storytelling

Recorded on January 13, 2019



Brent Coley (@BrentColey)

Brent Coley began his career in education in 1996, teaching grades four and five for 15 years before transitioning into administration. He is currently the proud principal of Alta Murrieta Elementary School in Murrieta, California.


Passionate about educational technology, Brent is always looking for new ways tech can engage students and families while increasing student achievement. His award-winning classroom website,, promoted 24/7 learning with math review videos and iPod flash cards, and his students shared their learning with the world through their daily blog and classroom podcast. In his leadership role, Brent strives to support teachers as they pursue excellence by integrating technology and taking risks in their classrooms.


A firm believer in the power of collaboration, Brent shares what he learns through Twitter (@brentcoley), his website at, and at educational technology conferences. He is also the creator of “Teaching Tales,” a podcast that gives educators a platform to share their stories and experiences.


When not working, Brent loves spending time with his wife and two teenage children, reading, and playing golf.



Martine Brown (@mmbrown_brown)

Martine Brown is an instructional coach in a K-12 district. Her mission is to be an agent of change in education.


Art La Flamme (@ArtLaFlamme)
I worked in the intelligence field for 25 years before transitioning to teaching college. Yes, I have stories. Yes, I use stories.


Cyndy Harrison (@cyndy8412)

Currently an education technology consultant, but former social studies classroom teacher with a passion for teaching U.S. History (or herstory as the case may be). Mainly encouraging students to learn how to tell their own story.


Elford Rawls-Dill (@elfordrawlsdill)

Elford is a lead learner who believes in the power of human connections in educational spaces. Elford is currently working as a director of Curriculum and Instruction in NJ.


Al Thomas (@educopilot)

Al Thomas is an educational leader with more than sixteen years in the field of education. His passion is to develop and curate unique and innovative solutions that improve the quality of the learning experience and to inspire educators by telling stories through cinematic, documentary style films.


Kristen Koppers (@Mrs_Koppers)

Kristen Koppers is a national Board Certified Teacher who encourages her students to succeed. She brings authentic experiences into her classroom everyday.


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