National CTE Month

Recorded on February 3, 2019



Maggie Cox (@MaggieJCox)

Mom Teacher Coach #athletictrainer interests; #CTEinCCSD #NACTE #NVEducator #CareerTechEd #iPadEd #socialmedia #storytelling #digcit #STEM #arvrinedu



Kimberly Lane Clark (@AskaTechnoGirl)

Kimberly is a nationally award winning educator and speaker based in Texas.  She was recently named 2018 ISTE Emerging Leader. She coaches hundreds of educators- both face to face and virtually in Computer Science integration, diversity inclusion strategies, blended learning strategies, and educational technology.. In the latter part of her years in education she also served as a campus technology coordinator. Kimberly is currently a Director of Blended Learning in Texas. In an addition to being a director of blended learning she also currently serves as a technology consultant for,EdTechTeam, and guest technology consultant for Global Academic Technology Essentials Teacher Institute at Mississippi State University. She also serves as the city lead for Black Tech Women in Dallas, TX,


Rachael Mann (@TeachLikeTed)

Rachael Mann is the founder of #TeachlikeTED and coauthor of The Martians in Your Classroom. She speaks and writes about the future of education and helps educators rethink the learning spaces of today. Prior to #TeachlikeTED, Rachael was the Network to Transform Teaching and STEM Professional Learning Director for Northern Arizona University’s AZK12 Center and State Director for Educators Rising Arizona. A former high school Career and Technical Education teacher and hailing from a family of educators, she has 14 years of classroom teaching experience. Rachael is a Google Certified Educator with a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. She is a founding member of the Council on the Future of Education, President-Elect for the NCLA Executive Board, and serves on the Region V Policy Committee.


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