Guest Post via @briteeyes49: Happy New Year: An Educator’s Resolutions!

                                  Have a Wonderful 2016!

 I resolve to:

  1. treat all students fairly, regardless of race, gender, age, behavior, a parent’s nasty attitude, the comments from last year’s teachers, or seemingly lack of interest in learning 
  2. continue to follow Rita Pierson’s advice, and be a champion for my students
  3. to realize that all children can learn, but not always at the same pace
  4. practice empathy, understand where your students are coming from.
  5. stop using sarcasm as a disciplinary tool, no matter how effective it may seem. 
  6. speak in a quiet, even,tone, even when yelling seems to be the only option. (It never is!)
  7.  realize that I could be the only good thing that happens in a student’s day 
  8. grade papers in a timely manner, and use their grades to guide instruction
  9. meet all deadlines, and if I’m late, don’t make excuses
  10. stop gossiping! (Hard one for me sometimes)
  11. share with my colleagues, we are not in competition with each other.use technology as a tool to engage and empower my students, technology is not a subject!
  12. be involved in fighting what is happening in, and to, public education!
  13. be a lifelong learner (I am very good at this one!)
  14. don’t just complain, get in there and work to make changes
  15. stand up for my beliefs, and what I believe is good for my students
  16. continue to be passionate about my job, and if I’m not, retire.:) 


Originally published on Diary of a Public School Teacher!


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